Highly Paid Job Sectors In Dubai

By | February 1, 2021

Dubai is the home of entrepreneurs and businesses around the world. It is more like a hub for many financial businesses and start-ups where people from the world invest. In the following article, we are going to discuss 5 Highly Paid Job Sectors in Dubai.

1. Chief Marketing Officers

Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) manages the marketing of a brand and design marketing strategies to keep the brand on the front line. The strategies help the brand to grow and improve the reputation of the brand. This job is demanding and require a few skills and currently, it is the highest paying job in terms of salary in Dubai. The average monthly salary of a Chief Marketing Officer is about DH50,000 to DH100,000.

2. Finance Professionals

Chief Finance Officers (CFO) is the next profession in the list of high paying jobs in Dubai. They take the risky decisions of investments, profits, and losses in the business of renowned companies. The passion for finance is the key to become a successful CFO in Dubai. You must have experience of holding financial departs and the qualification must be economics or accounting major.  The median income of a CFO is DH55,000 to DH90,000.

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3. Lawyers

Lawyers or Chief Legal Officers take care of all legal sentiments of business and protect them from legal misconceptions all the way through. They are the counselors or all the legal issues and agreements of a business. You must have an appropriate degree in Law and some other qualifications. The experience matters and the pay also depend on the experience you have in a certain field. Experience of 8 years is the best. the average salary of a Lawyer is about DH60,000 to DH106,000.

4. Doctors

A doctor is a respectable profession and one of the highest-paying professions in the world. It is demanding and a high-paying job in Dubai as well currently. Specialists like neurologists, a child psychiatrist, vascular surgeon, and gynecology are high in demand and paid a handsome amount in a month. To start a career in the following field require the experience and practice of a long time, usually 4 to 8 years. the median salary of a Doctor in this area is DH180,000 a month including all commissions.

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5. Bankers

VPs play an important role in corporate banks, retail banks, and assets & liabilities. They are involved in making determining decisions such as long term big loans and investments to grow the profit of the bank. You need a degree in the relative fields mainly economics and accounting. Banking jobs in Dubai offer a massive income to experienced and qualified candidates.


This is the list of the top 5 highly paid job sectors in Dubai. For sure, it requires skills, dedication, and passion to increase the result and income in a positive manner. You need to have a degree in the relative field that takes 2 to 4 years or even more. Most of the high paying jobs are more likely to hire Doctorate or Ph.D. holders.

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