Top 5 Places You Must Visit In New York

By | February 3, 2021

New York City, the place where you can experience some of the best broadway shows, museums, and incredible landmarks is a huge tourist attraction in the world. People around the world come to visit this place and you need a lot of time to explore the entire city as it has some of the best architectures in the whole world

In this article, we are going to discuss Top 5 Places You Must Visit in New York.

1. Statue Of Liberty

Statue Of Liberty - Best Place To Visit In New York City

The first place you must visit is none other than one of the seven wonders, The great Statue of Liberty. It was a gift from France and it is a symbol of peace and freedom. This Statue is one of the largest statues in the world that can be seen clearly from Liberty Island.

2. Central Park

Central park NYC - One of the Top 5 Places You Must Visit In New York

This huge park in the center of the city is one of the reasons to call it absolutely beautiful. Central Park carries all of it including natural beauties, cross ridges, castles, fields, and so much more. The best part about Central Park is that most of these things are free and that’s what makes it the cheapest place to visit in NYC.

You must have a tour guide as it is a half-mile wide and 2.5 miles long. Or you can at least grab a map at the visitor’s center and start making your routes.

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3. Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

New York City inherits this incredible museum founded in 1870 that has arts, sculptures, photographs, armors, and cultural objects spanning almost 5000 years. This museum has multiple branches and all of them contain astonishing and worth-sighting subjects. You can also purchase VIP (Empty Met Tour At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art) with only 25 people before it opens for the normal visitors in the morning.

4. Broadway And Theater District

Broadway And Theater District NYC

The broadway shows are one of the must-visit and experiencing places in NYC. The great vibes of American theaters including currently running shows and beautiful classics are overwhelming. There are some places and dines where famous actors met and some of the best NYC playhouses named it their homes.

This place is the home of some of the best debuts and events that took place in the past that changed the concepts of cinema and art.

5. Empire State Building

Empire State Building In New York - You Must Visit

One of the tourist attractions in New York City is the Empire States Building. It was created and opened in 1931 and since then it has been featured in so many shows and movies that make it worth visiting. It is 381 meters tall, 102 story building and from the top floors, you can even see the neighboring states such as Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.


The above is the list of the top 5 places you must visit in New York City. It is hard to tell the top ones because there are a lot of places that are worth visiting and beautiful that makes it one of the beautiful cities in the world

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