10 Tips You Need To Know Before Going To Canada

By | February 4, 2021

If you are a traveler and looking to moving towards Canada, you need to know a few things and tips to make it peaceful. In the following article, we are going to discuss 10 tips you need to know before going to Canada.

1. Weather

If you are used to a warm or mild climate you are going to be surprised by the cold weather of Canada. You better choose the perfect clothing before heading towards Canada.

2. The Long Distances

Canada is one of the big countries of the world and it inherits different biomes and weathers that can not be covered in a short trip. If you are just visiting for a short amount of time it’d be better to select one such as rocky mountains or snowy grounds and enjoy the most out of it.

3. Languages

Canada has two official languages. In most parts of the country, English is spoken as the official language but in about 20% of Canada, French is spoken as the official language. You are going to have multiple cultures, languages, and accents in this country.

4. Tipping

The tipping culture in Canada is as same as it is in the USA. You have to tip the employee or server whenever you avail of any service from waiters, bartenders, cab drivers, hotel employees, and hairdressers. This helps to create a happy and equal environment.

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5. Healthcare

One of the reasons why Canada is welcoming to its newcomers. In most parts of Canada, healthcare services are almost free and held by private entities. Healthcare employees are funded through public funds and taxes.

6. Driving

You must have a driving lisence that matches the requirements of your provinces’ driving test and rules. The driving licenses in Canada are provided by the provincial government and every province have their procedures and regulations.

7. Smoking

Your country might have completely different rules or no rules regarding smoking. In Canada, smoking in public places, employment places, and complexes is strictly prohibited and illegal.

8. Taxes

There are taxes on every goods or service in Canada. Most of the Taxes are federal but a few provinces also have their taxes. You might get 15% tax added to your hotel and restaurant bills.

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9. Customer Services

Canada is a consumer society that defines that you can expect great customer service in Canada. Waiters and Bartenders are usually friendly and you can get access to most of the services easily at any tie.

10. Appropriate Travel Documents

Last but not the least, whether you are on a short trip or looking to emigrate to Canada you must have proper travel documents or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).  It depends on what passport you have and always check if you are missing any document before moving to Canada.


Following were 10 tips you need to know before going to Canada. It includes what you should pack and what you should keep in mind before you visit Canada.

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