5 High Paying Jobs In Canada

By | February 5, 2021

It is not easy to say what’s the best job in Canada as it depends on your interest and the skills you bring to make it better. If you are really into something and you are passionate about it you can make that the best work for you. But, in the following article, we will discuss the top 5 high-paying jobs in Canada right now.

1. Physician

A physician is a General practitioner or a doctor, Canada has a few local physicians at the moment that’s why It’s one of the highest-paying jobs. They diagnose and take care of physical and mental patients and prescribing them the relevant medicine. The average salary of a Physician in Canada is $150,000.

2. Utility Manager

The utility Manager is responsible for distributing utility things such as electricity, water, and natural gas in the country. You need to have a degree in the related field to take a start for this position. Once you get the degree you need to work in the industry to gain experience later promoted to supervise and then manager. The average income of a utility manager is about $114,000.

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3. Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners are one of the high demanding jobs in Canada at the moment. They are healthcare professionals trained in the diagnoses and treatments of the patient. You need at least a master’s degree to become a Nurse Practitioner and you might need more qualifications based on the province you work in. Their income is about $104,000.

4. Dentist

Dentists are the professional healthcare specialists that take care of your mouth and teeth to make them healthy. They cover oral checkups and procedures in the country and they are mandatory for every individual. You should have at least 1 year of pre-dentistry study at the university that can also be four years. after that, you need to get a degree from a recognized dental program to start your career as a dentist. The median salary of a dentist is $93,600.

5. Mining Supervisor

Mining supervisors are the ones who have to look at the process of extraction of natural resources such as coal or iron ore. They also take responsibility for the safety of their workers, take on heavy machinery, and administrative tasks. To start a career you need to have a degree in a relative field such as engineering and you must have experience thou. Your ranks are increased over the years and so your pay does.


The list above of the 5 high paying jobs in Canada is created on what’s in demand right now. For sure, the ones that are more in demand and the specialists that are having a shortage in the country are some of the highest paying careers in Canada.

The salaries are the median and average income consumed by these careers. However, this can be decreased or increased by the dedication, passion, and skills you provide, and at last, the experience is the key.

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