How To Find Part Time Jobs While Study In England

By | February 6, 2021

Students in England tend to work to earn some amount for their tuition and other small expenses including house rent, travel, and food. It does not matter if you are an international student or based in England, you need to have part-time work to go conveniently.

Without further due, let’s hop into the article and discuss how to find part time jobs while study in England.

Job Sites

The first thing you must keep in check is the local job sites of England. While finding a job make sure to find one near your residence to avoid covering long distances. These job sites have filters in the search engines where you can easily find a part-time job that’s relative to your field and the working hours are adjustable with your tuition as well.

Get Paid Hourly

There are a lot of jobs in the UK that pay you according to the hours you provide them. For example, if the job is £10/ hour and you are working for 3 hours a day, you can earn  £30 a day. You can find job sites that are paying hourly to make it more adjustable with your studies.

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Freelancing Platforms

There are a lot of platforms out there that allow you to work as a freelancer like Fiverr. Choose a specific skillset as your expertise, polish it a little bit by practicing, and work for clients around the world. The payment depends on your skills and it is an easier way to make a pocket income while studying in England.

Part-Time Job In England As An International Student

For sure, it is a bit harder for international students to be hired as compared to the students that are based in England because of some reasons. But, there are a few policies for international students to get hired for part-time jobs in England.

In order to get hired for part-time jobs as a student in England, you should be studying for a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate degree at a well-known and recognized university.

You can work up to 20 hours in a part-time job and up to 40 hours a week on holidays.

There are a lot of jobs that offer a part-time work for students in England mainly

Customer Service Advisors, Warehouse operatives, Labourer, Exams Invigilator, Care Assistant, Administrator, Customer Delivery Driver, Tutor, and so much more.

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Salaries For Part-Time Jobs In UK  

You can either work on a pre-decided amount as your salary or you can set it on an hourly basis. In this manner, the employer pays you according to the hours that you provide to a certain work. If your hourly pay is £10 and you are working for 3 hours a day, you are earning £30 a day and up to £200 a week.

The average wage of a part-time job for an international student in England is £112.20 a week. The top 15% of students in England can make £200 a week in England.

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