How To Find Walk-In Interviews In Dubai

By | February 6, 2021

Dubai is one of the job and entrepreneur hubs in the world. A lot of businesses are based in Dubai yet the job market in Dubai is tough and filled with competition.

The following article is a brief description of how to find walk-in interviews in Dubai.

What is a Walk-In-Interview?

Companies and employers conduct walk-in-interviews when they want to hire a perfect person for their job vacancy without investing a lot of time. They schedule an interview and decide the date, time, and location of the interview and makes it easier for them as they don’t get to surf through a bunch of CVs instead the compatible and deserving people get their interview done easily. They later take interview of the deserving people and choose the satisfying ones for the second interview.  It is beneficial for both employee and recruiter as it saves time and you don’t have to submit CVs to multiple emails and wait for their responses and a recruiter has it all filtered easily.

As a fact, good opportunities and chances won’t approach you to your bed therefore you have to walk out and find your dream job.

Let’s discuss some ways to find a walk-in-interview in Dubai.

1. Look For Job Advertisements

A lot of employers and headhunters in Dubai advertise whenever there is a new job vacancy. Mostly, the advertisements are done in newspapers, TV commercials, and magazines. You should keep updated through these mediums and look for new advertisements to approach quickly. Job recruiters advertise in magazines, in restaurants, and barbershops as well.

2. Local Job Sites

Internet is your best friend! There are a lot of sites on the internet that allows employers to post about their walk-in-interviews. You can get on these platforms, sign up using your social media accounts or just download their mobile application(if any) to get instant notifications about the latest uploaded walk-in-interviews in Dubai. You can also create a profile and submit your data and expertise to get notifications for the interviews that are related to your field and skillset.

There are many mobile applications and websites for walk-in-interviews only and you can also filter walk-in-interviews on various websites on other job-hunting sites and mobile applications.

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Quick Tips To Make It In Walk-In-Interviews

Once you find a walk-in-interview in Dubai through one of the ways mentioned above. The struggle isn’t ended here, you need to be more specific in terms of qualification or concentrated skillset to be more likely to be hired. As there are a lot of candidates in a walk-in-interview it becomes complicated to get hired. You should always do cross-questioning and get your FAQs regarding the company ready as you should know about the company and it makes the recruiter feel more focused, therefore, it increases your chances to get hired.


Job hunting in Dubai is tough and challenging as it is an emerging and competitive place. Walk-in-interviews help recruiters to hire professionals without surfing through various CVs.

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