How To Travel For Free As A Student

By | February 12, 2021

College life is one of the best and memorable periods in life. This is the perfect time to explore the world especially when you have leisure time on vacations. As a student, they are more curious about exploring places and enjoying the best out of it. With their energetic interest, students can make traveling the best thing they can do. Now, how to travel for free as a student when it is strict towards finance. This article is a brief description of the following query.

1. Couchsurfing and Hitchhiking

Couchsurfing is a way students can go out to different cities and enjoy the trip with a cut cost. It is definitely not free at all, but it’s somehow close. Couchsurfing is when you ask different groups of travelers to hangout, create mutual events and share the space. You can request lodging to directly the group members or else there are a lot of organizations out there. Although, Hitchhiking is like asking usually strangers for a ride on the road. You need to be precautious about the drivers on the road. Hitchhiking is usually but not always free.

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2. WWOOF to Travel for Free

WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunity on Organic Farms. There are a lot of farmers in different countries that are looking for farmer’s help and a little bit of assistance in the work. If you have ever lived or know the do’s of a farm, this could be your opportunity. Mostly, farmers have an abundance of land or rooms therefore they can provide you board and rooms to live. However, the travel to that place is your headache and you have to take care of those expenses.

3. Teaching Abroad

A lot of people use this way to travel around the world. It is pretty easy and if you are looking to spend your holiday in a place it can be helpful. A lot of people in America stay in Dubai for free and they also enjoy the trips to other places in the world by teaching English in the schools and colleges. Whereas, if you are from Europe and you know Spanish very well you can teach Spanish in different schools where this isn’t native. This way you can travel the world for free.

4. Volunteering Free Travels

Students can take part in volunteer programs in the traveling groups. They can serve as the catering guy or in a coffee shop. Students can volunteer to take care of elder peoples and expand their traveling experience as well. They can exchange it for food and a living place.

5. Enter Competitions

There are a lot of websites that host various competitions on a weekly or daily basis. It is not guaranteed that you are going to be sponsored completely on your travel. But, they provide a great prize that can be a good chance for you as a student to travel for free in the world


Traveling the world as a student opens the doors of exploration and let you enjoy the most out of it. The following ways are a few effective ones that can be used to enjoy the trips for free or at least at a very low cost.

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